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NBA Jr. Dream team

Football Stu's blog entry on comprising a MLB of players unde the age of 23, inspired me to do the same with NBA players. But, since the NBA mandates that players be atleast 19 before entering the draft, I have decided to consider almost every player under the age of 24 as of 1.21.08.  There are a couple regulations though, players who have been voted to an All-Star game or are in the 4th year of NBA play will not be considered. So players like LeBron James, who is 23, will not be eligible.

The team will be coached by the man at the helm in Clevaland, 30 year old, Mike Brown. I will bolg once a day featuring a different position.

The Roster


PG-Chris Paul

SG-Monta Ellis

SF-Andre Igouladola

PF-Al Jefferson

C-Andrew Bynum


Rajon Rondo

Rudy Gay

Al Horford

Daequan Cook

Marvin Williams

Tyrus Thomas

Andre Bargnani


Gerald Green

Dorrell Wright

Daniel Gibson

As you can see, this team could easily win 50 games in the NBA. This blog and Football Stu's have sort of proven that young players can win when given the oppurtunity.


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The 2007-2008 Off Season Moves-Grades

 Partly throught this offseason there have been some huge deals, huge signing and steriod aligations here are my grades for each team who had made a major deal and has had aligations.

New York Yankees-C+, There signing of A-Rod was huge, if he went to any other team they would have a huge hole to fill and would have had to given Florida either Hughes, Chamberlain or Kennedy for Miguel Cabrera and wouldn't even had a shot at Johan Santana. The Mitchell report really hurt them though, some yankee legends like Clemens and Pettite who were franchise faces embarrassed themselves, the Yanks, and the league.

Florida- B, The Marlins and like the Celtics of 06'-07', NOT PRETTY. They could easily trade Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Cameron Maybin and Jeremy Hermida and get solid MLB veterans but instead there low budget franchise has still chose to spin in a spiral. Though there still is that hope that Andrew Miller could become a N.L ace and Ramirez, Maybin and Uggla could combine for a .300 avg, 110 HR,  275 RBI and 100 SB a year.

Detroit-A+++-Wow! I'm a Red Sox fan and I'm scared to hell by the Detriot Tiger lineup. They understood Maybin and Miller wouldnt have spots on the team as long as Curtis Grandison and the Tiger staff was in town. Having a guy who hit .332 hiting 7th is a roylaty. Watch out A.l Central and baseball as a whole after adding Miggy Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis and Edgar Renteria the Tigers are locked and loaded.

L.A Dodgers-C+- They have  a great young team. A good outlfield but the possibity of two good players sitting on the bench I think if they can trade pierre and eithier for a good arm they will be in pretty good shape. They got there team in a good position to win but the steriod scandal hurt them. They were on almost everypage of the Mitchell report whtere it was a player, former or current, or clubhouse personal.

Arizona-B- They made a great move to get Danny Haren but I dont think the Valverde deal was smart. They are going to have the same offense as last year but now with another good starter, to go along with ace Brandon Webb, and no true closer. The N.L West looks like it could porduce a good product this year with many All-Stars.

Houston-A- last year Brad Lidge proved he is a shaky closer and they primirlay used Dan Wheeler at that postion but htey traded him to Tampa last year. So this off-season they new they needed a closer. Well now they have one, Jose Valverde, who conveted 47 of 54 save oppurtunitties last season. Also they made themselves strrong up the middle by adding Miguel Tejada to play shortstop. the NL central has 4 contendors this year, Houston, Chicago, Cincinatti and Milwalki.

Finally I think the best move so far has been the Twins not trading John Santana because now teams are going to become desperate after Haren was traded, and the Orioles traded Tejada to Houston to open up space to sign Erik Bedard to a contract extension.


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